Which Tea is for Me? A naturopaths opinion

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Guest Blog Post | Kate Dalton Mayde Tea

Hello beautiful Spell lovers! I’m Kate. I’m a naturopath, nutritionist and I own a cute business called Mayde Tea! We’ve been working with Spell and sharing my tea in the Spell Courtyard over the last few months so I’m super thankful to be able to share with you how Mayde Tea can be of such a massive benefit to your health!

I’ll begin by letting you know how selling tea became my full-time gig.

It all came about when I was studying naturopathy, and forever searching for ways to improve my health and rid myself from what seemed to be about 100 different symptoms I was experiencing daily! I always suffered digestive issues, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

I wanted a way to be able to manage my own health conditions using something easily accessible, affordable and gentle enough to use as much as I wanted. Experiencing with herbal medicine in the way of making tea absolutely resonated with me I was successfully using organic herbs to improve my digestion, help manage my stress, improve depression and to help me finally get a restful night’s sleep. The best part though- passing on the herbal blends to friends and family and witnessing their health improving. I’ve since been able to help my clients on similar journeys, incorporating nutritional intervention as well as tea to encourage wellness.

So, which teas should you be drinking for your own health issues?

I created our entire tea range with true purpose, and that is to improve your health the best I can! Each blend has been carefully created specifically in harmony with your body, I have researched herb combining so that they work synergistically together.

If you have digestive issues, our Digest blend is for you! I formulated this tea for those people needing digestive support. Digest aims to reduce inflammation, prevent intestinal spasms/cramping, as well as decreasing bloating.

If you have trouble sleeping, try the Mayde Tea Serenity blend. It’s created with the perfect floral blend of soothing and nourishing herbs. Lavender and chamomile are both comforting and nurturing for the nervous and digestive systems. Drinking Serenity 30 minutes before bed should help promote relaxation and ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Sweet cravings? This is why I formulated our Sweet Treat blend. The sweetness of liquorice and marshmallow root combines with ginger’s spice to balance the perfect brew. It helps to reduce sugar cravings by supporting the adrenal glands, as well as having a sweet flavour- but it certainly will not interfere with your blood sugar levels!

If you feel the need to give your body a little detox (don’t we all!), try our Mayde Tea Cleanse formulation. It’s a herbal blend that gently cleanses the liver and purifies the blood. The herbs in Cleanse have been traditionally prescribed to support liver detoxification, improve digestion and help the body to naturally cleanse itself of toxins.

Why organic tea? Is supermarket tea just as good for me?

We hear it time and time again – ‘organic is better for you.’ Buying everything organic can get expensive! But, unfortunately tea is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in commercial farming. This is why our Mayde Tea range is created using only certified organic ingredients.

1. Organic tea for your health. The place where the majority of pesticides are washed off of tea leaves is in your cup. Boiling water, once added magnifies the release of chemicals from the leaves. Consuming pesticides can affect all systems in our body including our nervous and endocrine systems.

2. Organic tea for the environment. Tea is one of the most heavily sprayed crops of synthetic chemicals in the world. The use of these synthetic chemicals can have detrimental impacts on our environment. Scarily, on average, over 95% of sprayed herbicides and 98% of insecticides go beyond what they were originally targeted for. This hits insects, animals, soil, water and the air we breathe with unnecessary toxic chemicals.

3. Organic tea for taste and therapeutic benefit. The way non-organic tea is produced really does affect the flavour in your cup. Non-organic tea leaves are usually air dried without rinsing. These dried leaves contain synthetic chemicals that affect the taste of the tea and worse, hold potential health risks.