Flower Food.


Inspiration at home: Edible Flowers.
By Dahli Briedis (Our youngest sister – Upcycling Queen & part time DIY’er.)
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Spring is well underway here in the southern hemisphere. My roses are blooming like crazy and I look at them every day from my window. It took a local Farmers Market though, to remind me of a use for flowers that we often forget about – eating! While not all flowers are edible, there are plenty that are – Thomson & Morgan have an extensive list of edible flowers, and Greens of Devon provides a shorter but excellent visual guide.

Petals are beautiful in salads – I dressed one of my salads up with orange nasturtiums and purple sweet pea flowers, and on another occasion used ruby red rose petals on layered rice cakes. My morning Bircher Muesli is sometimes placed on a bed of rose petals or layered in a jar to make a trifle. I can tell you it is a breakfast fit for a goddess!

Yogurt Trifle Recipe: Fill a jar with layers of these sorts of ingredients: greek yogurt, pepitas, puffed amaranth, rose petals, and roasted almonds. The more scented the rose, the more delicious the petals.



x Dahli

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