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On a carpet of snow

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Shoot by Mira & Thilda

It’s one thing to get your creative on with a Spell kimono or lace flairs while bathed in the crepuscular rays of a balmy Spring or Summer – but another all together if you’re in a Swedish forest that’s still carpeted with Winter snow. I love seeing our designs re-interpreted in this crisp, still frozen Scandinavian wonderland.

It’s so worth jumping over to the Swedish blog 365 Days where Mira & Thilda are dedicated to blogging a full year of fashion. I guess I was drawn to it because of that wonderfully balanced overlay of dark and light that they seem to capture in all their outfit posts.

Outfit #1 Stag Amulet Kimono – Spell |  Bustier – H&M | Boots – Frye from Henry Kole
Outfit #2 Labyrinth lace flairs by Spell | Necklace and Top both vintage