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For years now we have been cheering from the sidelines watching and learning how Outland Denim have been paving the way in human rights, transparency in their supply chain and sustainability ~ constantly in awe at their incredible efforts and undeniable moral compass. It began few years ago at a conference where we saw founder James Bartle speak about the mission behind Outland, that a profound respect for their business model was had by our team. 
Turns out, the respect and admiration was mutual after a few industry events of bumping into each other, our Head of Product and Sustainability pitched to our team a collaboration - not only to add to our existing collections and finding the dream denim we've always wanted to create, but for a potential ongoing partnership for an ethical and sustainable denim supplier.

Founded with the intention to create new opportunities for women who have experienced exploitation and endured unthinkable trauma, Outland Denim is a leader in the field of business for good. Outland has built a transparent and impactful supply chain for its Denim line - right down to its own garment factory located in Cambodia where they offer training, stable employment and opportunities for growth.

From dream to design to denim. Together we rise. 

Online Friday 7th May at 10am AEST

Muse Jessica Gomes shot by Brydie Mack of @wolfcubwolfcub on location at The Beach House East Coast. 


Hair & Make Up: Luciana Briedis
Production: Mel Carrero
Styling: Torah Henry