SUNSET ROAD – the prints. {FILM}

Spelly shares her inspiration behind the prints for Sunset Road.
Film by Johnny Abegg
Music by The Family Jordan

It’s so important to us that our customers know how much thought and love we put into the prints that we use in our collection each season. Our prints are our babies, and Spelly spends literally weeks on each print, toiling over the motifs, the designs and colour-ways – we sometimes laugh at how seriously she takes the prints. Once, even after we’d shot a collection and the garments were totally in production, she sent an urgent midnight email to our team saying “guys I’ve been thinking about the tone of pink in that print, i think it’s too pink and needs to be more magenta… can we change it?” She sees nuances in colour that no one else can see, and she sees beauty in colour combinations that others don’t.

We know that each piece of every collection will end up in someones wardrobe, somewhere around the world, and possibly live there for years – so each print needs to tell a story, and be a true extension of our label. We labour over each line in the hand drawn sketches, each colour combinations and even the way the fabric is printed. Rayon takes colour completely differently to viscose for instance, and cotton is a whole other story – each fabric has its own story.

We’ve had many emails from customers lately alerting us to some pretty horrid reproductions of our original prints… We were heartbroken when we saw them, but instead of getting angry or bitter, we thought we’d turn it into something positive and use opportunity to really honour the process of creating our prints. So my partner Johnny met with Spelly and she shared the story behind our Sunset Road prints as well as a bit about the inspiration behind the collection and the campaign shoot with Erin Wasson. We hope the you enjoy the film! And please comment below to let us know if you’d be interested in hearing the inspiration behind future collections/prints/shoots… ; ) xxx Lizzy