Go behind the scenes of our latest campaign
with our Mystic muse, Bella Thomas.

“Model of the moment and RUSSH favourite, Bella Thomas was the perfect muse for the collection and the embodiment of the Mystic woman. Moving freely in her signature dancing form, she is at one with her nature surrounds” –
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Your Instagram bio reads ‘some kind of artist’ ~ introduce yourself…

Hello! Yes that is correct, I call myself ‘some kind of artist’ because I have a close connection to many areas in the arts and I don’t yet feel I am called to just one area but more so to the arts as a whole. At the moment I am focusing a lot on exploring different areas, I find this quite fleeting. 

I know from our chats on set that you’re ALL kinds of an artist! Share your other creative endeavours with us…

Oh yes, I have fallen in love with the process of hand building with clay. I started last year home, now my friend Jaimie and I have a little business called With Form. It’s super relaxed, we sell pieces we make on our Instagram page with no fuss or pressure. It’s purely our form of meditation and a chance for us to practically use our hands to make art. 

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Tell us about your experience shooting with us

Oh my goodness, this was probably one of the best trips I have done for work so far. I had never been to the South Island of New Zealand so every moment felt dream-like. I think my favourite parts were being in the car driving between each location, the landscape is just otherworldly. Also Jamie and Ashlea weren’t too bad to carpool with hehe.

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I love to see the world captured through your eyes. How would you describe New Zealand?

New Zealand is just so beautiful.. the nature, the people. On the first day I took a walk around Lake Wanaka, I sat under a beautiful tree for a while and took in the view in front of me. The vibrant blue lake, the kids pushing each other in, off the wharf into the freezing water, the grand mountains that rose above the horizon of the lake. It was truly one of the most beautiful sights I have seen. I can’t wait to go back and travel around in a camper van with my friends.  

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Speaking of your interpretation… you brought along your film camera. What are you drawn to, to stop and snap a frame of?

I did yes, again this is an area of the arts I love exploring. Taking photos to me is one, a way to capture and remember a moment in time and two, I love to capture my personal interpretation of the moment. Whether then I share these photos or keep them private, taking photos to me is something so special and personal, it opens the door to show others how you see the world. 

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How did you interpret our Mystic collection and the story of being in a dream on this journey, and how did this influence how you brought the collection to life through the campaign?

I loved this concept especially because I truly felt like I was living in a dream the whole trip, NZ does that to you!! This collection is so stunning, it reflected the landscape and spirit of New Zealand so beautifully. I really just let the nature around me influence my movement, it wasn’t hard when the view around me was a heart skip.  

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There is something truly breathtaking in the way you move in front of the camera ~ what inspires you and influences the way you move?

Thank you so much! I guess this is another area in the arts that I am utterly inspired by. I definitely do not call myself a dancer, though I do have a big passion for fluid movement. It connects me to the moment and is almost a whole mind body spirit thing, I feel truly myself when I’m moving. Whether that be in dance, exercise or making art with my hands. (FYI you won’t have your eyes on me on the dance floor, I am a true weirdo with no coordination ha!)

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With love to Bella,
chatting with campaign producer Hannah Sherrin

Featuring a mix of campaign favourites and behind the scenes moments captured on film by photographer Jamie Green and stylist Karissa Sparke
Captured in the South Island of New Zealand, and in the cabin of our dreams.

Launching 10am AEST Wednesday, 9th of September /
5pm PDT Tuesday, 8th of September